Joy in the Morning

cropped-white-orchid-in-sunlight-32.pngWhen I was a child, I remember the feeling I awoke with each day. Full of the possibility of the delights the day would bring. The azure blue of a robin’s egg, the flicker of a firefly in dew laden grass, the taste of raindrops on my tongue, and the sensation of mud oozing between my toes. I feel the same good fortune of presence in the Latihan. Nothing separated me from the knowing of who I am as G-d would have me be. The industry of my child awakening each day to gather rocks to paint on the front porch in Mason City, Iowa is still with me as I wake to the daily tasks of serving as Subud USA chairperson. I cherish the memory of my child’s heart bursting with love and trusting that everything I needed would be provided for me by doing my best in every moment of each day. When I ran, my legs were not encumbered by practicalities and I could sense the challenge of striking a balance between speed and control. I am still moved as an adult by this feeling of reaching for the beautiful simplicity of Joy to guide my perspective. My work as Subud USA chair seems a perfect vehicle to understanding that Life and its full realization is simultaneously beyond me and yet very much within my reach. G-d gives me this memory to sustain and inspire me to express with the deepest gratitude the blessings of this world.

Mary Wold
Subud USA Chairperson

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