Pray for a Heart as Wide as the Ocean

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In the wake of a spate of global events, I have become acutely aware of the upheaval that is present in our lives. I would be less than honest if I did not admit that the level of suffering by humankind has, of late, left me feeling lost and struggling to find my way.

I cannot help but ask myself, “What is my role in this process? How should I ‘be’ with all that is before me?”

Then I remember the words that Bapak so eloquently used at a talk in Jakarta in 1981. “Pray to God for a heart as wide as the ocean.”* So simple, and yet so profoundly comforting.

When we approach one another with an open heart, we connect as human beings at a level that transcends our past, our differences—and the very lower forces that often lead us astray. I realize now that, despite the loss and devastation that has become an almost-daily occurrence, there are in every instance stories of those who have acted from that place of inspired connection: complete strangers who have shielded those in harm’s way, rendered first aid, organized relief efforts, and even dug for hours with their bare hands in the hopes of finding survivors buried in rubble.

These are the stories, the moments, that carry us through the worst of times, opening our hearts and rekindling our faith in the power of unconditional love.

Somehow, I feel that Bapak knew the importance of his words, and that, some 36 years later, we might truly begin to fathom their meaning.


Mary Wold
Subud USA Chairperson
*Bapak Quote from the Zone One News Volume II, Number 1, June 1981
Copyright © 2007 World Subud Association. All rights reserved.
Code Number:  81 CDK 3; Provisional Translation
For Subud Members Only

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